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Avoidable Mistakes in the Job Interview

We talked about how the job interview is a crucial part of the hiring process because it is the first meeting. Now we will talk about a few mistakes that people make during the job interview that sends out bad vibes to the hiring manager. They are simple mistakes, however, and can be fixed rather easily before you go into your next interview.

If you're the type of person that gets nervous speaking, at least try to keep eye contact no matter what is happening. When your eyes wander and you begin looking at your hands, the floor, the walls and everything else besides making eye contact, you're going to show the hiring manager a lack of confidence. Don't let them see a lack of confidence in you.

Also avoid playing with your fingers and twiddling them together. If you can, cross your hands on the desk and speak as firmly as possible to assert your confidence in the interview. When you play with your hands and fingers, you're showing zero interest in the job that you could possibly be offered.

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