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2013 makes for a great age in technology and all things easy…except when it comes to dating. It seems to get harder and harder to make a meaningful connection with someone as time goes on. Somehow, we’ve learned to adapt. You see, it’s all such a simple fix. Technology is something that we’re excelling at, right? Why not turn to simple online dating? Now, we know that this is totally a catch 22, but we’ve got the best ones to try (and some of them are free)!

  1. Match.com – Match.com has a diverse and very large user base. People have actually found their soul mates on this site! Whoa!
  2. eHarmony.com – This is a close second to Match.com, and the lack of features would be the only reason that it isn’t 1st place.
  3. ChristianMingle.com – If you’re firm in your faith with a strict path to find someone who is firm in their Christianity, this website is a great investment. I’d like to call it the “Match.com” of Christian dating websites.
  4. JDate.com – Think “ChristianMingle.com”, but for those with a Jewish faith. This website is very, very, very popular.
  5. Okcupid.com – A huge database of young singles looking to meet people in their area for new friends, casual dating, long-term, and sometimes casual sex. The great thing about this site is that you can filter through what you’re looking for. There is literally someone for everybody on this site.

REMEMBER: Take all necessary steps and precautions when dealing with online dating. Never meet a person from the internet alone. Make sure you are in a safe and open area. Take into account that you have not met this person in person yet. Do your background checking. We know that sounds crazy, but seriously, take all necessary steps and precautions before meeting anybody from the internet!

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