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Take Control of your Finances

We understand that your credit score is probably not perfect. We also understand that you blame your blunders on your irresponsible past. Well, now you’re grown. So, it’s time to take control. We’re right there with you. Do you want some helpful tips?

  1. Check your score – you get one free credit report a year. Make sure you grab yours and use it wisely. Print it out and use it as a reference point. Go through your credit report and handle any outstanding debt or indentify theft red flags such as credit cards in your name that you don’t even remember opening.
  2. Don’t Over Apply – It hurts your score each time you apply for credit, so make sure you use this few, far in between. If you’re apartment hunting, make sure you take a current printout of your score. The same thing goes for loan seeking.
  3. Stay on Top of Things – Forward your mail if you move, so that you do not miss a payment. The smallest outstanding debt can cause the biggest and nastiest hit on your credit score.
  4. Keep your Card Open – Keep your oldest card open and in good standing for as long as you can. The longer you have a card in good standing open, the better your score gets.
  5. Upgrade – Request that your credit limit be raised. This is a good reflection on you, and it looks like your carrying less debt!

Above all else, your credit score is what will get you most things in life (as far as finances go, anyway).  Stay on top of this, and we promise you that your financial life will be 90% less stressful.

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