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Milestones and Your Baby

As your baby develops, you’re going to be experiencing exciting milestones! What should you be expecting and what indicates slower development than the norm? \

Smiling (8 wks) – This is the first skill that your baby will develop. As they learn to decipher between emotions you will start to see a smile on your sweet baby’s face.

Grabbing (3 or 4 months) – Your baby is learning how to use those things attached to their arms (hands), and as they watch you pick things up with yours, they will mimic the action.

Hugging (5 months) – This quickly learned skill will allow your baby to finally show you how much he/she loves you and others that they are comfortable around.

Sitting up (8 months) – Your baby is getting a better grasp on the concept of balance. They may not be able to sit up for long periods of time in the beginning, but once they get the hang of things you’ll experience a different set of activities that you can now do with your child.

Crawling (6 to 10 months) – Once your baby’s got the hang of sitting up, they’ll start to explore what’s around them. They will want to go places. To ease your worries, make sure that you’ve baby-proofed the entire house. Make it so thorough that you baby-proof the baby-proofing. Allow you baby to get active and explore new muscles as they crawl around in the new world as they know it.

Pulling Up (8 months) – By now, your child’s leg muscles will be strong enough for he/she to stand on their own. They will begin exploring this by standing on their own.

Walking (10 to 18 months) – Once your child is comfortable and confident enough with their leg strength they will try their luck at walking. This (among everything else) requires constant practice and praise! Your baby is exploring a new level of maturity.  This will spark ambition to do other things. We cannot stress “baby-proofing” enough. But, who are we kidding – your motherly instinct told you this way before your precious baby started sitting up. 

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