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How to Eat Healthy for Less

There’s a widely spread--yet completely false--misconception that eating healthy is expensive. This simply isn’t the case. Aside from the fact that eating healthy now can save you a ton of money in hospital bills in the future, having a healthier diet can actually be easy on the budget if you do it right.

Below are a few tips that you can try to ensure that your healthy lifestyle doesn’t break the bank.

1. Consume food in their natural state - If you can eat foods like fruits and vegetables raw, then do it. Doing so gives you a healthier and happier body because you’re consuming fewer preservatives and calories. It also equates to a happier wallet because by using and consuming fewer ingredients in your meals, you’re spending less money at the same time.

2. Buy more fruits and vegetables - Meat and poultry are more expensive than fruits and veggies, so buy more of the latter. Like number 1, doing so will be good for your body and wallet at the same time.

3. Buy in season - Want to get your fruits and veggies cheap and fresh? Keep an eye out for those that are in during the season and incorporate them into your dishes.

Image credit:  garussell11 on Flickr

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