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How to Make Salads You'll Actually Enjoy

One of the main reasons why people get sick of veggies or salads quickly is because they aren’t mixing it up enough. If you want to make salad eating sustainable, you need to learn to combine different types of ingredients and dressings for your palette to enjoy.

For instance, when eating greens, be sure to include different types of leaves in there. Combine your spinach or romaine leaves with some ice berg lettuce in order to give it some crunch. Also, if you aren’t staying away from meat or dairy, consider adding a little chicken breast turkey breast, tuna and / or cheese to your salad.  (The key here is a little. Don’t overpower your dish with too much meat or cheese!)

Why not throw in some fruits in there? Spinach, strawberries, and some raspberry vinaigrette dressing for instance is a scrumptious combo.

Speaking of dressing be sure to mix up your salad dressings as well. You may love your Thousand Island or Ranch, but every once in a while, experiment with other dressings so you’re not exposed to the same things over and over again.

Image credit:  SweetOnVeg on Flickr

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