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You're Digging Your Own Grave by Not Being on Social Media and Here's Why (Part 2)

Like we said, social media isn’t going anywhere. Just in case our previous post about the matter hasn’t convinced of this fact, below are a few more reasons why social media is crucial to your business’ success:

Customer Service - A lot of consumers now turn to Facebook or Twitter to communicate their issues or questions. Social media gives you another platform to address your customers’ concerns and to keep them happy. Be sure to use it, and use it wisely. Whenever someone posts a question on you Facebook page, be sure to respond to let them know that you’re listening. Doing so will show customers how much you value them and can strengthen your relationship.

Research and Knowledge - Social media is also a goldmine for ideas and feedback. Who needs focus groups when you can  just ask a question on Facebook and Twitter instead? Want to get opinions on what’s the best product or what your customers want to see from you next? Just post it to your social networks and wait for your customer feedback to flood in. People love expressing their opinions online, so if you already have a solid fan base on social networks, this shouldn’t be a problem.

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