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Madden 25 and NCAA 14

Sports games have been a staple of video games every year for a long time and these two football games have been prominent staples in the genre. Their realistic feel and graphics have made them a favorite for any football fan out there and they have been for as long as they've been releasing each summer.

For Madden NFL, the game is hitting the 25th anniversary plateau, hence the new name Madden 25. Usually, the game features the year that it represents like Madden NFL 13 was released last year to represent the 2012-2013 season, but this year it will go with the 25 to base it off of how many years it's been released now.

NCAA 14 is the newest installment of the college football game that a lot of fans have grown to love just as much as the Madden franchise. For some, playing the college football game is even better, but both games have advanced so much. Just as much as they improve, these games should be a big hit every year they are released barring any dramatic fall backs.

Image by Anderson Mancini on Flickr

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