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Video Games

Video games have become such a huge industry marking sales numbers that are completely off the charts. They've become a big hit across the world with features like online play and the ability to even play in 3D for some titles. The advancements have been so well done that the graphics have pushed another level as well.

Over a number of consoles, video games have the ability to take reality and give individuals an outlet into a world they don't live in. There are different genres such as sports, action, role playing and more that take you on journeys through multiple storylines and meeting with many characters. In actuality, it is a great way to just expand your mind.

With the industry growing more and more every year, there is a bigger chance that video games will continue to advance to amazing lengths and the way we play them will be even more in depth. Who knows, virtual reality in full could be right around the corner and all of the movements for games will have to be done by using your body, not a controller.

Image by Cory Schmitz on Flickr

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