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How to Get the Perfect Financial Advice

Getting money advice can be tricky. Everyone has an opinion, and they’re often conflicting or in some cases, irrelevant to your situation. That’s why here at Life Interest, we’re not going to pretend to be all knowing finance gurus and start preaching investment advice and whatnot.

However we will say this: When finding and getting financial advice, only listen to the people who have the financial track record to back up their claims.

You know what they say about how you shouldn’t trust a skinny chef? Well, the same principle applies here.

To cut out the noise and clutter in financial advice, stick with the people who are really walking the talk. Do your research before asking for advice to zero in on the right sources and steer clear from those who are dishing out money tips but are always broke.

For instance, if you’re getting advice on real estate investing, don’t listening to so-called experts on TV or on the web. Instead, look for people who have actually invested in real estate and who are successful at it.

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