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Small Steps You Can Take Right Now to Save Cash

1. Always eating out during your lunch break? Cut back by packing your own lunch.

2. Plan your meals to avoid unexpected trips to the grocery or restaurant.

3. Stop driving like a maniac. You can save gas by driving at the speed limit or using cruise control.

4. Leave extra early for work to avoid traffic and save gas.

5. Get a cash back card and reap the rewards of your spending.

6. Eating out? Shop around for bargains on daily deal sites.

7. Follow your favorite brands online to get exclusive coupons and freebies.

8. Carpool with friends or co-workers.

9. Take the bus.

10. Get a roommate

11. Avoid buying snacks when hitting the movies.

12. Purchase generic brands instead.

13. Negotiate for a lower rate with your credit card company.

14. Negotiate for a lower rate with your insurance provider.

15. Cancel your subscription to services that you aren’t using. (i.e. Do you really need all those magazine subscriptions? Or do you really need a subscription to Pandora AND Spotify?)

16. Find simpler recipes that don’t require a lot of ingredients.

17. Try to drive to all your appointments or errands in one trip to save on gas.

18. Buy things in bulk when it makes sense.

19. Adhere to your car’s maintenance schedule (oil changes, tire rotations, etc) to save on gas mileage and to avoid huge costs in the future.

20. Always save your receipts in case you’ll need your money back.

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