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Six Simple And Creative Ideas For Your Next Party

Have something to celebrate? Why not throw a party? There are thousands of really creative party ideas available online that are truly inspiring and makes you want to throw a party just for the sake of having one! I have compiled a list of the best ones that are fun and easy to do. Be sure to include these in your next party. 

1. Cotton candy bar

This is a really unique idea that you can add to any party. The kids will love it and so will the adults. It’s cute and is very easy to set up. It’s all in the arrangement, the accent decorations and the furniture that you will be using. Create your own cotton candy bar next time. It doesn’t even have to be cotton candy. It can be a hotdog bar or a fruit bar. Run with the idea. 

2. Let the ice do the talking

This is just genius. Instantly liven up the place without even trying. Fill up tiny water balloons with water and put them in the freezer. Once they’re ready, serve your balloons in a clear glass container so they’ll be on full display and everyone will see how amazing they are. Place your drink in the middle and voila, you’re good to go. It’s certainly a fun way to serve drinks and it’s super easy, anybody can do it.

3. Dress up fruits

A really fun way to make fruits appetizing is to dress them up. I’m thinking these pirate bananas didn’t live very long in their trays. They’d be gobbled up in a minute. And I have to say this, it’s a clever way to make people eat something healthy at a party. I personally have never seen bananas served in a party before but there’s always a first time. I’ll be sure to try this during a children’s party with some other fruits.

4. Colorful party supplies make all the difference

A really basic way to inject fun in a party is to have colourful party supplies. You can have colourful paper straws, colourful wooden spoon and forks, colourful cups and plates. For this particular picture, the party host cut a small piece of tape and placed it around one end of the straw to create a tiny flag. You can see that the flags have printed text on them. That’s one way of personalizing your party supplies. Adding little touches like that will make all the difference.

5. Hanging umbrellas as party decorations

I wish I could have been at this party to see all the umbrellas. Who would have thought umbrellas could be used as party decorations? And what’s more is that it’s not that complicated at all. Put up a few wires across the ceiling and hang the umbrellas upside down. You can arrange them at varying heights to add more texture and drama. It’s also a nice touch to have different patterns on the umbrellas to instantly dress up the party. It’s such a wonderful idea and if you do this, your party will be the talk of the town for weeks, guaranteed.

6. Unconventional ways to display balloons

Balloons are the life of the party. As a kid, I loved having balloons in a party. And in this particular photo, the host attached all the balloons to the party favors and arranged them on top of the table. It just looks so cute and I’m 100% sure that all the little girls who were at this party had a blast.

So there you are, six new party ideas you can try and recreate to make your own one-of-a-kind party. They are easy to do and they don’t take a lot of time to prepare. As they say, less is more. If you’re throwing a party anytime soon, be sure to check out all the amazing party supplies at Partiesonline


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