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Hats rule!

What would complement the summer atmosphere then a good hat? In addition, besides protecting from the sun, this fashion accessory eventually became an indispensable fashion detail for many women, but also a reflection of a good style. 

The advantage of a hat is that it, depending on the model, you can combine it with each style, and even a simple dress combo will not go unnoticed if it’s complemented with a good hat.

Designers for this season have put in a lot of effort to show new collections with as many different hat models as possible to meet different tastes. Equally in vogue are smaller and larger models and stylists advise that you choose a model and a color according to your outfit style and the color which is mostly represented in your everyday clothing outfits and your wardrobe. 

For those who tend to dress more casually ideal models are with smaller rim in one of the current bright colors. For romantics stylists suggest Panama hats with a large brim that goes perfectly with modern floral dresses. For evenings out the right choice would be panama models with striking decorations, flowers, bows, strung stones... 

Hats designed in the style of the 50s, with short brim would go best with a sophisticated and stylish look. This season big hats that would greatly complement breezy summer and maxi dresses are very popular, and unavoidable are cowboy models in all colors, which are great for casual and elegant casual clothing outfits. 

Finding the right model 

When choosing the appropriate model and color of the hat you should keep in mind that it is not enough just to match it with clothes. Body type and face shape are infallible guidelines that will guide you and help you in finding the right model. For sensitive skin there is no better protection from the sun than hats. 

  • Large-brimmed straw hat 

This hat in soft neutral colors is an ideal female beach hat, due to the large brim and undulating forms. 

  • Panama hats for men 

Instead of the classic hat, the male population can also wear this popular fashion accessory. Urban modern man can choose a Panama hat in blue or brown color, which can also be decorated with cotton ribbon. 

  • Classical straw hat for men 

This simple classic straw hat in lighter shades decorated with blue cotton ribbon similar to denim is perfect for hot summer days. Due to its classic look, you can combine it with a casual look, but also in festive occasions. 

  • Small straw hat in a bright color 

Although it does not provide great protection as the above-mentioned large-brimmed hat, a small color straw hat is a true summer fashion hit. For the brave, choose a pink or yellow with ribbons in the same color which will refresh every outfit.

Image credit:  JaseCurtis on Flickr

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