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10 Questions To Ask Before Booking A Wedding Venue

Finding the ideal wedding venue for your reception is one of the biggest decisions any couple will face. Cake cutting, speeches, and the first dance will all take place at the reception venue, so choosing the right location is an important factor in the day’s success. The following vital questions could help you decide whether a location is the perfect setting for your big day:

1) Does the venue employ a facility director?

A facility director can be crucial during the hectic run up to a wedding. This person is in charge of general organisation in the venue and is an ideal go-to guide if anything does not go as planned.

 2) Will the facility director be present on my wedding day?

Having a facility director is great in the lead up to your event, but it is even better if he will be on hand during the celebration itself. He can help you ensure that every little detail runs smoothly. In most cases the director will be employed by the venue, so you don’t have to pay extra for his services. 

3) How many guests can it accommodate?

Every wedding venue has a rigid seating capacity based on the size of each room and certain fire regulations. It is best to ask how many guests can be accommodated before you send out invitations. 

4) Are staff costs included in the price?

Staff costs are an easily forgotten expense that can quickly overwhelm your budget. Some low price venues or caterers might be presenting a final fee that does not include the price of bar people, waiters, or cleaners. Be sure to take the cost of supplying these services into your calculations. 

5) Is the marriage ceremony fee included?

If you are making use of a venue’s in-house marriage services, clarify whether this comes at an extra cost. 

6) Has VAT been added?

VAT is one of the most common hidden costs. It can devastate a budget so make sure you fully understand the whole price before signing any contract. 

7) Will any decorations be provided?

Almost every venue requires the wedding couple to provide their own flowers and themed decorations. However, some venues will also expect you to bring your own table linen, lighting, and chair covers. 

8) Are there any noise restrictions?

If you are considering a live band or fireworks, ask the venue first. Some hotels have other guests to think about. 

9) Can you recommend a good supplier?

Most venues have hosted numerous weddings, so their staff are a valuable source of information on which florists, photographers and caterers provide the best service. 

10) Do you cater for certain dietary requirements?

With so many guests at the average wedding there is a high likelihood that at least a few will have some sort of dietary requirement. You may be booking a venue well in advance of sending out menus, so ask about catering for specific dietary requirements just to be sure. Most catering teams will be able to accommodate for vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, nut-free, and other common dietary needs, though some may charge extra for the service.

There is such a wide variety of beautiful function centres in Adelaide, you are certain to find one that suits both your personalities and budget. To avoid the risk of any unpleasant cost or service surprises, read any contractual agreement very carefully before you sign. 


Image credit:  epSos.de on Flickr

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