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Single Celebrity Moms

Celebrities can be parents too, right? Of course they can! Even though these moms have help (we’re jealous), we can still admire their dedication. After all, parenting is a full time job!

Halle Berry – Have you seen her beautiful daughter, Nahla?

Sandra Bullock – After a rocky divorce, she’s expressed her desire to adopt. And that’s just what she did. Adoption is a noble and amazing route! Just as some adults longing for children they don’t have, children are longing for parents that they do not have.

Kate Hudson – With a son from her previous marriage, Kate has managed to keep things amicable between she and her ex-husband. That’s pretty great, Kate!

Michelle Williams – With the passing of her child’s father, Heath Ledger, Michelle has been tackling parenting on her own, and it seems as though she’s doing a really great job at it. Doesn’t Mathilda look happy these days?

Katie Couric – After her husband lost his battle to colon cancer, she was left to raise her two girls on her own.

Denise Richards – After divorcing Charlie Sheen, Richards was awarded custody of their two children Lola and Sam. Denise is one of the most normal celebrity mothers around.

Britney Spears – You can say what you want about Brit, but she’s an excellent parent.

Who is your favorite single celebrity Mom?

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